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Home Watch & Personal Pet Care

Are you going away on holiday or business or into hospital?

Do you have a pet that needs a fuss and feed or a clean out whilst you are away? Do you want your home to look occupied in your absence?

We can give you peace of mind that your pets and your home will be cared for whilst you are away. We will visit you prior to your departure, and go through the type of service you require in more detail, and outline an action plan should there be a problem whilst you are away.

This service is totally suited to your personal requirements. Below is a list of services we offer, but please do not hesitate to ask about any service we have not mentioned.

Personal Pet Care

Most pets do not enjoy being away from their home surroundings and can quite often return from Boarding Kennels and Catterys distressed. It may be that you have fish or a small animal that needs regular feeding, watering and cleaning out.

With our Personal Pet Care service you can leave your pet at home in the confidence that they have been cared for whilst you are away. You also receive the added benefit of someone checking on your home should any problems arise whilst you are away.

  • Fuss and feed your pet
  • Let your pet out for toilet duties
  • Change bedding (small animals such as hamster, guinea pig, rabbit)
  • Clean out fish

Around your home

Whether you have a pet or not, we can visit your home whilst you are away and carry out tasks such as closing/opening the curtains and watering your plants.

We can also clean your home so that you return to a beautifully clean home, and even stock up your fridge with groceries so that your don't have to rush to the shops on your return.

  • Key holding service
  • Put out and bring in bins
  • Open and close curtains and switch on/off lights
  • Collect the post
  • Clean your home whilst you are away*
  • Water the plants internally or externally
  • Stock up your fridge with groceries ready for your return**

All of this for just £10.00 per visit. 

*Domestic cleaning would be an additional cost.

**Cost of groceries not included in the price.