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Oven Cleaning

We all have such busy lifestyles that we don't get around to the big jobs like cleaning ovens. Then we are so embarrassed of them that we hide them with tea towels when we have visitors.

Don't despair, we can put it right for you so that you are proud of your oven again. No oven is too dirty for our professional technicians.

Even if your oven has got to a state beyond recognition, we can put it right for you and give you the gleaming oven you used to have.

Our prices are very competitive and we work to very high standards.  

Item Prices

Ovens and Cookers

Single Oven


Double Oven


Range Cooker-from


Hobs and Extractors

Gas or Electric Hobs-from


Ceramic Hob


Standard Extractor (inc grease/filter change)


Large Extractor (inc grease/filter change


Microwaves and Small Ovens

Standard Microwave


Combi Microwave


Small Oven


The cleaning of ovens includes all shelves but excludes grill pan